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Best mortgage rate mortgage loan prequalification

It is really beneficial for you to get pre-qualified with a mortgage certificate by a mortgage broker, chosen according to your financial profile, before buying your home.

Here are the benefits of being pre-qualified:

  • This is a free service.

  • You shop for your dream home according to your financial capacity and your monthly budget.

  • Your interest rate is guaranteed for a period between 30 and 90 days.

  • You reassure the seller who receives your promise to purchase by confirming your ability to buy his property.

  • You stand out where there is more than oneinterested buyer.


Did you know that the vast majority of banks do not consider governmental family benefits as income when calculating your mortgage limit? However, you receive your monthly benefits that are guaranteed revenue. By choosing the right banking institution, all of your revenues will be considered and your pre-approvedmortgage limit will be increased significantly.

For example, the inclusion of 600$/month in family benefits, that you receive monthly for your children, will allow your pre-approved mortgage limit to be increased by approximately 40 000$. If your family benefits is 1,000$/month, then your mortgage limit just increased by approximately 67000$.

As your realtor, I first study your financial profile and I advise you which mortgage brokers can best respond to your mortgage needs.

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