The history of St. Lawrence begins in 1700, when the first French colonists settled in what the Côte Saint- Laurent was called. By 1740, all land allotted by the Sulpicians Fathers granted. It has been counted 162 families in 1765. After the conquest, Scottish families whose Hodge settled in the parish of St. Lawrence.

In 1825, Saint Laurent was the most populous parish on the Island of Montreal apart from those of the city of Montreal. It was then a quiet farming village, vegetables are the specialty of the place.

The arrival of the Fathers of the Holy Cross in 1847, led to the growth of the village because they are built not only their parent for Canada, but also an educational institution (1852), which continued to develop (St. Lawrence College). In 1885, Saint- Laurent in Montreal was connected by a railway line, which led to several industries to settle there.

In 1893, part of the parish gets its city status. It then had 1225 inhabitants. For several decades, there will be the city of Saint- Laurent and the parish of St. Lawrence.

During the twentieth century, the parish will be reduced by several jurisdictions, which will become the Town of Mount Royal, Cartierville, and part of Dorval. The aviation industry moved during World War II, thanks to the presence of the Cartierville Airport. In 1951 the city annexed what remained of the territory of the parish. St. Lawrence subsequently enjoyed an economic and population boom unprecedented as agriculture gradually disappeared.

On 1 January 2002 , all the municipalities on the island of Montreal, Ville Saint- Laurent , were merged by an Act of the Parti Quebecois government in Quebec to form the new city of Montreal

The Saint-Laurent is the largest sub- area north of the island. It is the second largest industrial park in Quebec and is also considered one of the most important centers of aviation.

Multiethnic neighborhood par excellence (48 % of the population), the demographic face of this ever-changing territory, while continuing to be a settlement area for newcomers. It is unusual to have such a large part of the Lebanese community in Montreal as evidenced by the concentration of food shops and restaurants run by Lebanese. Moreover, the Arabic language is one of the most spoken languages.

The borough has an industrial character that was developed through the nearby expressways including Highway 40 (mainland), Highway 520 (Highway Liesse), Highway 15 (Laurentian) and Highway 13 and that of Pierre Elliott Trudeau international Airport in Montreal. It includes factory Canadair Bombardier Challenger aircraft that produces 300 and 600 and the CRJ regional jets. The pharmaceutical industry is also represented.

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