As a realtor and a member of one of the largest real estate agencies in Quebec (4th in the province), I have access to an extensive network of contacts representing various trades, professions and specialties that can help you i any matter concerning real estate

You can reach us at 514-919-4307 and we’ll gladdly referrer trusted people who will help you

In addition, by clicking on the link below, you will find nearly 700 trusted suppliers (recommended by CAA-QUEBEC) representing approximately 100 specialty occupations:

  • Plumbers,
  • landscape,
  • general contractors,
  • technicians in ventilation, air conditioning and heating,
  • experts in decoration,
  • building inspectors,
  • eligibility SECURI-T (subject to conditions);
  • electricians,
  • etc..

Find a supplier recommended by CAA-QUEBEC

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